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  2. Not using the code above. Once the loop starts you are not processing messages. Can you explain this further. Still unclear what you want to do. kylomas
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  4. I did not tried your 2nd sample prior 12AM but only after 12AM and it is still doing the same.
  5. @argumentum, I tried with the 1st sample first and on my multiple machines. Prior 12AM the message was correct as usual. But After 12 AM, it still says, "System was booted up today." Attaching the 4 snapshots below This is correct... Msg 1.jpg = Prior 12AM (11/20/2017) Msg 2.jpg = Prior 12AM. This should have shown as: $TodayDate1 > 11/21/2017 (This is the issue) Msg 3.jpg = After 12AM (11/21/2017) Msg 4.jpg = This should have given "System was booted up yesterday."
  6. Hello, I'm trying to write a script to automate part of what appears to be a Winforms app. At least when I use AutoIT Info and drop the finder on it, it lists the Window's class as: The bizarre thing is some of the controls don't seem to be targetable. See the screen shot attached with what appears to show a WinForms GroupBox with the title "Command Window". Inside the group box it appears to have a Label, and TextBox, and a Button. Using the AutoIT Info Finder, I'm not able to individually address the inner components. I can only seem to target the GroupBox. Attached are the results of the Finder/Control window. Notice that it shows the control has class SWHGRP, in Advanced Mode: [CLASS:SWHGRP;INSTANCE:1]. My assumption here, though is that this is the GroupBox control. What I want to do is automate entering some text into the TextBox in there and then clicking the button. If this is just a standard Winforms app, it seems odd to me that these inner controls would not be targetable, but I'm pretty new to AutoIT (although certainly not new to software development). Using a standard mouse, I can certainly click in the TextBox, enter some text and click the button, so they are legit controls. Can someone help me understand why some controls like this appear to not be able to be targeted by the Finder? If I write my own script can I just enumerate all the children and see if I can find it that way? Is it worth trying to do this, or if the AutoIT Info Finder cannot address them, then that's likely definitive and I'm out of luck? Is it possible they may have some kind of 3rd party control embedded in there like a webview -- and this might be what is causing the issue?
  7. junkew, I think the problem here is that Invoke actually works. The Save button is clicked, the dialog box disappears, but the file is not be saved anyway.
  8. Never ever change the as that is replaced with each update, but rather put any personalization in! Jos
  9. Chrome has a built-in task viewer and it will show you what all those instances are for. Chrome manages it’s on tasks and every tab is another task and that way if one crashes they don’t all crash so that’s a good reason
  10. I have an ultra cheap AMD based notebook. I feel your resource poor pain. It was $200 at Amazon But it runs really fast when configured correctly
  11. I have tried something similar (but not very elaborated) in my ADAT tool (posted in the example scripts section). A tab per GUI, a few lines to create the GUI and a function per GUI to process the entered data.
  12. that is the solution, it works fine thanks so much
  13. falcontechnics more info from this topic Finding alternatives to what I was seeking to do ,I didn't get to do anything more then whats described in the thread so keep in mind that you will need to search through Google's help to further advance your goal.. As stated in the second from the last post in the thread Hope this helps
  14. Alternative when invoke is not working to calculate the center of the element coordinates, do mousemove and mouseclick. See details in uiawrappers.au3
  15. 1) why not ? it depends on the wanted subsequent use 2) no 3) not really. see 2nd part of 1) 4) very subjective. It looks a lot like IBM (intense brain masturbation) , but ... see both parts of 1)
  16. I try to limit my open tabs in Firefox to about 5, but sometimes it is more for a variety of reasons.
  17. having something like IniWriteSection("C:\Program Files\Company\Software.ini", "ApplicationName", "", "") is not a good idea. I'd use IniWriteSection(@AppDataCommonDir & "\Company\Software.ini", "ApplicationName", "", ""). Thanks for sharing PS: also, Func _DecryptPW() , would be much better if you could send the data to a web page, so the passwords are not needed.
  18. ? Func message() ClipPut("0 1 1 0 2 0 2 1") Sleep(250) $s = StringStripWS(ClipGet(), 8) ClipPut($s) Sleep(250) Send("^v") EndFunc
  19. Matter of patterns in the SRER, depending on the expected result But gaps are whitespaces so StringStripWS with the adequate flag could do the job
  20. hmm, ...being lazy gets expensive after a while. I use chrome as a main browser and it can chew up those 2 Gb. for no good reason in no time and this is with 7 open tabs.
  21. @DigDeep, let me know what was your final code. I'm somewhat obsessive.
  22. Right now I have the following code: Func message() ClipPut("0 1 1 0 2 0 2 1") Sleep(250) StringStripWS(ClipGet(), 8) Sleep(250) Send("^v") EndFunc The spaces between 0 and 1 are extra whitespace that the button "tab" does in notepad. How do I remove these from clipboard?
  23. It's the example in post 126. I've just tried the example 10 times in a row with inspect.rar here. The file was saved automatically every time. You can try the same. What files do not work? Are there any specific characteristics for the files or the web sites? Do you have any examples of files that failed, so I can try myself?
  24. Fixed it by editing the theme config and setting the color that way.
  25. 1. No 2. Yes, once you learn the language. 3. Subjective question. Google and try them out until you find one that you're comfortable with.
  26. Hi, I'm new to programming and as such I have more and more questions as I discover all the new possibilities. I have managed to create some primitive scripts that import data from multiple excel files into a single master file and then, using pixel cords or control cords, insert the data into pdf forms fields. Unfortunately, the pdf forms I use change over time and the pixel or control cords get outdated pretty easily. Therefore I now seek a more reliable way to insert the data into the pdf form fields, that will relate to the IDs of the pdf form fields. Since I'm also learning the basics of Javascript (it is required for calculating values in the pdf forms), I think about switching to it completely. However, I do not know if the following is possible in JS, similar to Autoit: 1.) Can I automate excel files as easily as with Autoit (insert formulas into cells, insert/copy ranges, edit cell formating etc.) 2.) Instead of using pixel cords, will I be able to input the data from excel files into the pdf forms fields with form field IDs? 3.) What is the best code editing tool for Javascript? Thanks in advance!
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