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Please see this page on the AutoIt Wiki for the most frequently asked questions and answers. The FAQ consists of commonly repeated questions that many users ask and usually in most cases are easy to answer with a quick search.

Having trouble running a script? You may need the latest beta version of AutoIt. The latest beta version can be found here.
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AutoIt v3.3.15.3 Beta
View File (16th May, 2020) (Beta)
- Added #3681: Lang Variable prefix "o".

- Fixed #2915: Map memory leak.
- Fixed: Map errors with index < 0.

- Changed #3620: Removed "stable" from _ArraySort function header.

- Added #3670: DriveGetDrive() @error doc clarification.
- Added #3574: GuiCtrlCreateInput() Doc $ES_AUTOHSCROLL precision.

- Fixed: Problem with _WinAPI_GetFontResourceInfo & _WinAPI_GetFontMemoryResourceInfo
- Fixed #3728: Added optional parameter to force single column 2D array to 1D.
- Fixed #3678: Amended Help file to show that function with no text blanks a line, not removes it.
- Fixed #3757: Added note to GUICtrlListView_SetColor* pages about need to use BGR format.
- Fixed #3697: _WinAPI_GetOverlappedResult() failure.







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There are three ways you can posts scripts, these are:

Inline code


Download system

Each has different advantages and disadvantages. In general you should use:

Inline code - for short code snippets

Attachments - for more complicated code larger than a page.

Downloads system - for projects or complex libraries


Inline Code

Best for entering short snippets of code

Easiest for other users to see

May be accidentally modified by forum upgrades or when re-editing your post - it's happened before...

Inline code is entered using the "Add Code" button in the toolbar and after posting appears with syntax highlighting like this:

; This is some AutoIt code
MsgBox(4096, "Message", "Hello there!")

Code over around 50 lines will appear in a scrollable box. At this point it becomes more difficult for other users to work with and you should consider an attachment instead.



Best for long pieces of code, entire programs, or multiple files

Unlikely to be accidentally lost or modified by forum upgrades or when re-editing your post

Counts against your global attachment allocation

Can be seen in the "username / My Attachments" part of your profile, along with the number of downloads

Multiple attachments can be added to a post. As attachments are stored as complete files in the filesystem, they are more robust than inline code snippets.


Downloads System

Best for very long and complicated projects or libraries that are of significant use to the community

Uses a different part of the forum that is optimised for file downloads and features screenshots, change logs, download counts, etc.

Does not count against your global attachment allocation

This can be accessed here: Downloads System.


Forum Rules

You can read about forum rules here.

Announcements and site news

Additional information about forum you can read here.

Forum etiquette

Here you can read about a proper forum etiquette.


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