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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I've been working on 4 standalone scripts. They each have their own GUI and are now independent .exe's. But instead of having 4 separate icons on my computer, is it possible to put them all together into one .exe? What I want is one interface with tabs. Each script's GUI would be on their own respective tab. Is this possible? The different scripts don't need to communicate with one another. I just want them all in one .exe. I can't find this anywhere... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. DOS Boxes

    I am new to AutoIt, so please be kind. I'm writing a script that will run an executable that upgrades OpenSSH on several remote computers. It first uninstalls the old version then installs the new version. I'm all the way through, but have run into one problem. When it gets to the part of the executable where it actually starts installing/extracting all the files, about midway through, it stops and a DOS box pops up with a ____________ key already exists. Overwrite (y/n)? There are actually 3 boxes in a row with the same "Overwrite (y/n)?" prompt. I've tried using Send ("{y}") Send ("{Enter}") but no luck. Any ideas please?
  3. I currently have a script (Read "Idea") that I am wanting to work on where I will be giving the user the ability to customize the actual compiled script via settings in a precompiled script I give them. I am trying to see if that is possible and if so how you would go about doing it. Essentially it would have to recreate the given code using something like FileWrite() and then compile it into a .exe for them to run from there. Edit: Ok I think I have this figured out after goofing around for a sec and think I have solved my own question by running the autoit.exe with the command line arguments to compile the script. Off to test!