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Found 8 results

  1. My AutoIt script works fine, for the most part, however, if it goes idle for roughly 30 minutes, it will won't be able to send data to a 3rd party application window titled, "Case #". The problem lies within the function "SendFusion", it's able to see the handle for the "WinActivate" and "WinWaitActivate" (I've also tried putting in 10 seconds in the WinWaitActivate as well, doesn't work). However, if we have been idle, it will always fail to send data afterward. On what I've tried so far: "Send" function with the data and a {ENTER} i.e. Send($CaseTxt & "{ENTER}"), this won't e
  2. i have a code where the ControlSetText was working perfectly. now its not working. please see the video and snap attached. The snap show the way i have used window info. In the video, when the dialogue box opens, it used to key in 'sea.runx' , but now its not working so... what could be the reason. the script used is as shown below - thanks WinActivate("SACS 5.3 V8i") winwaitactive("SACS 5.3 V8i") send("^r") winwaitactive("SACS Run Files") ControlSetText ("SACS Run Files","",1148,"sea.runx") SEND("{ENTER}")2018-03-22 at 00-02-47.mp4
  3. I need to set value to a text box to a desktop application. I am trying to do that with ControlSetText($MartConfigWindow, "", "WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.378734a6", $dbserver) where $MartConfigWindow has the window ID. And the text box field is having class as WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.378734a6 THis code is working on one machine but on some machines, the last part of ID WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.378734a6, means 378734a6 is changing. Is there anyway to handle this?
  4. I can't get this to work. ControlSetText("[CLASS:#32770]", "", "[CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:3]", $sString)Am I doing something wrong? The string is not blank, I checked it with a message box. Here is the information from the window: >>>> Control <<<< Class: Edit Instance: 3 ClassnameNN: Edit3 Name: Advanced (Class): [CLASS:Edit; INSTANCE:3] ID: 1001 Text: Position: 47, 78 Size: 187, 14 ControlClick Coords: 112, 9 Style: 0x50000380 ExStyle: 0x00000000 Handle: 0x000000000021064A
  5. All, I have windows 10 64 bit pro with the latest versions of scite and installed. Not that it matters for this instance. My monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080 progressive with a refresh rate of 64 HZ ( more in a min on that ) I have a Nvida gtx 960 card and an HP monitor Since moving to Windows 10 and this configuration ( latest drivers of course ) I am unable to see the " ControlSetText " being displayed under the standard 60HZ refresh rate in WIndows 10. On Windows 7 machines this is flawless and always had been. The ControlSetText is updated at an extremely fast rate. IF I change
  6. It seems that ControlSetText() sends only the first character to Scintilla controls. To see this, try the following: Open a SciTE window Put the following line into the window ControlSetText("[CLASS:SciTEWindow]","","[CLASS:Scintilla;Instance:1]", 'here is some text')and save the file. Go to the beginning of the line. Hit F5 to run the line. What I see is that the single letter h overwrites the text in the window instead of the desired text. Does anyone know how to get the Scintilla control to play nice? If not, is this a bug I should be reporting to the A
  7. Hello! I have a little script and in it a function that is responsible for handling saves in PDFCreator. When such a situation arise, it should set the destination folder to one predestinated in a global variable (a folder in our innernetwork). Originally I achieved this by moving the window to 0,0 then mouseclick on a specified coordinates on the screen (I know, I know, thats why I want to change it something more reliable, more intelligent) My candidates were ControlSetText, ControlSend and ControlCommand. I rejected ControlCommand outright since it isn't really for this. ControlSend c
  8. Hello everyone! I'm trying to polish some of my functions now that I botched up my GUI and basic functions, and have a somewhat realiable code. I happen to have a few questions, to which I would like to get some insight from you. I have an "old" problem with my script. While it works with the PDFCreator (1.7.1 but I think It just got updated a few days ago) it sometimes seems to skip ControlSetText. I don't know why this happens but I developed a habbit of double up on it, which decresed the occurrence of these bugs but it's far from a solution, and it isnt even an elegant bandage on it.
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