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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I have an array $htags[13][3] where x,0 is a list of html tags divided by "|" (i.e. tag1|tag2|tag3|...) x,1 is 1 or 0 (1 if tag is available in HTML, otherwise 0) x,2 is a string (H1, H2, H3,H4,H5, H6, Title, Keywords, Description, Paragraphs, Anchors, Div, LI) Then I have a Listview: $iLVStyle = BitOR($LVS_REPORT, $LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS) $iLVExtStyle = BitOR($WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, $LVS_EX_GRIDLINES, $LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT) $hListView_Tags = GUICtrlCreateListView("H1|H2|H3|H4|H5|H6|Title|Keywords|Description|Paragraphs|Anchors|DIV|LI", 96, 576, 818, 262, $iLVStyle, $iLVExtStyle) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 0, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 1, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 2, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 3, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 4, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 5, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 6, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 7, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 8, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 9, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 10, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 11, 65) GUICtrlSendMsg(-1, $LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH, 12, 65) It appears like that. I need to fill every columns of the listview with equivalent Tag as in column 2 of $htags This achieved by splitting $aTags = StringSplit($htags[$i][0], "|", 2) I tried this: Func _fillListview($hTags, $hListView_Tags) For $i = 0 To UBound($htags) - 1 ; Split the tags in $htags[$i][0] Local $aTags = StringSplit($htags[$i][0], "|", 2) ; Add a new item to the ListView GUICtrlCreateListViewItem("", $hListView_Tags) ; Loop through the tags and set the corresponding subitem in the ListView For $j = 1 To UBound($aTags) - 1 _GUICtrlListView_SetItem($hListView_Tags, $aTags[$j], $i, $j - 1) Next ; Set the other columns in the ListView _GUICtrlListView_SetItem($hListView_Tags, $htags[$i][1], $i, UBound($aTags) - 1) Next EndFunc But it doesn't work properly. Can someone help me to sort it out? Thanks in advance, Marco
  2. Hi everyone again! I have a problem I just can't find the solution of Context: I've made a program that goes into chrome and captures one table as an array and adds it to the gui, all good so far. The problem comes when i'm trying to use the table items background color as a bitmap in the listview. (doens't need to be this way but it seemed the easiest way to me). As I use the function '_GUICtrlListView_AddArray' to add the table to the gui, when I try to put the little colored squares it just put them all with the first color in the array BUT if I use '_GUICtrlListView_AddItem' function it works alternating the colors just fine. Idk if I'm doing something wrong or it just wont work this way. Thanks in advance and sorry for my noobness
  3. Hey hello. I came here with maybe too specific questions about uncommon things, but as people says, I don't lose anything trying to asking here There's long time that I have a little "experimental" idea: Use windows desktop and it icon system like old videogame consoles (where "sprites" are used to draw things on screen, can be manipulated/animated to make interesting things happen). Some of that inspiration came from another experiments from demoscene. Researching the possibilities of doing something like that (maybe not so intense) I found that the Windows Desktop uses a GuiListView to show and arrange icons (and of course, AutoIt provides UDF's for that ). So, I'm used that UDF to create dummy icons (not putting files on Desktop, just modifiying the "GUI layer" of desktop for put non-working icons), setting custom values like coordinates, name and Icon (from a list of loaded icons in the GuiListView). As you can see in next image works well in Windows XP... even in Windows 95 (that's not the case from Windows Vista to 10, but I already posted another question here about that... anyways, for now I'm working that with a isolated XP machine... sigh). Another video doing an animation with that: How I make that custom icons? Here: $hWnd = ControlGetHandle("Program Manager", "", "[CLASS:SysListView32; INSTANCE:1]") $newItem = _GUICtrlListView_AddItem ( $hWnd, "TEST", 32 ) ; with an icon of index 32 _GUICtrlListView_SetItemPosition ( $hWnd, $newItem, 300, 300 ) ; set some example property. Put in X=300 Y=300 Okay, so the next phase was changing the icons with custom ones. And here starts the issues. As AutoIT help says, icons from GuiListView came from a loaded GUIImageList, which, seeing past images I conclude that it's already preloaded with some sort of most used icons (something like an icon cache?). But If I modify it (or create another GUIImageList and then put into the GuiListView) the icons became corrupted and replaced with blank ones. (can be reverted deleting IconCache.db, just like when windows shows wrong icons in desktop). How I change icons? Here $hImage = _GUIImageList_Create(48, 48, 5) ; create an image list for 48x48 icons $newIcon = _GUIImageList_AddIcon($imageList, @SystemDir & "\shell32.dll", 110) ; just adding a new icon in the image list _GUICtrlListView_SetImageList($hWnd, $hImage, 0) ; $hwnd is the desktop hwnd Another option as workaround for setting icons was getting the desktop GUIImageList, and modifiyng it directly. I otbtain a GUIImageList handle, but ... without any images inside! (That's strange beacuse, when I set desktop item icons without altering the GUIImageList, it applies correctly). And finally if I try to add new ones, it returns -1 with @error setted. How I'm trying to get desktop GUIImageList? Here. $imageList = _GUICtrlListView_GetImageList ( $hWnd, 0 ) MsgBox(0,_GUIImageList_GetImageCount ( $imageList ), $imageList) ; getting image count and GUIImageList handle $newIcon = _GUIImageList_AddIcon($imageList, @SystemDir & "\shell32.dll", 110) ; adding icons without success So, what is the question? There's something wrong I'm doing while trying to set the new icon set on desktop? Or desktop icons work in different way than the rest of the GuiListView's? Or there's something really stupid that I can't saw before that corrupts the icons? Also... if there's not known solution for that, do you have some idea for doing a workaround for that? Or another crazy idea? (Maybe putting real files instead dummy icons could be a solution ... a very slow one). Or even maybe (maybe not, I sure about that xD) do you want to help with this "experiment". Thanks in advance, have a good day
  4. Hello guys, I'm working on this script: $search = GUICtrlCreateButton("Search", 10, 10, 90, 30) $find = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 710, 10, 200, 25) GUICtrlSetState($find, $GUI_DISABLE) $ok_find = GUICtrlCreateButton("Find", 925, 10, 65, 25) GUICtrlSetState($ok_find, $GUI_DISABLE) Case $search GUICtrlSetState($ok_trova, $GUI_ENABLE) GUICtrlSetState($trova, $GUI_ENABLE) _GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort($list, $g_bSortSense, 0, False) _GUICtrlListView_DeleteAllItems($list) $File_txt = _FileListToArray("\\PATH\", "*.ini", $FLTA_FILES, True) Local $aLines, $File_txt For $i = 1 To $File_txt[0] _FileReadtoArray($File_txt[$i], $aLines) For $j = 1 To $aLines[0] GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($aLines[$j], $list) Next Next For $i2 = 0 To _GUICtrlListView_GetColumnCount($list) _GUICtrlListView_SetColumnWidth($list, $i2, $LVSCW_AUTOSIZE_USEHEADER) Next Case $ok_find $iI = _GUICtrlListView_FindInText($list, GUICtrlRead($input_find)) MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Information", "Target Item Index: " & $iI) _GUICtrlListView_EnsureVisible($list, $iI) through a inputbox I would search for the desired word and highlight it in the GuiCtrlListView. Can you help me?
  5. Hi. Is it possible to set the background color of the chcecked (not selected) item (_GUICtrlListView, $LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES) ?
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