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Found 7 results

  1. What's new section: Snowman_Sky is game using MapIt engine. MapIt will evolve here for a little bit. Download: [ http://songersoft.com/programming/Snowman_Sky.zip ] Video demonstrating new sprite_sheet class and weather effect. Working on the Class section of the Character Sheet. Which is what makes multiclassing possible. Changing the value of Class will load the stored value for XP. Lvl will be updated to the XP tier. Hit points are then rolled for each level of all learned classes. Hit dice are specific to each class and a Constitution mod
  2. NOTE: TOPIC HAS BEEN MERGED TO HERE: MapIt Quest I am currently developing NPCs they cannot yet be added. Items only exist in database. Enemies only in sprite. This project has been on the shelf a couple years. I decided to learn DLLStruct at the beginning of this project. I'm not sure if using them was a good idea or not. I'm open to converting them to pure array and Enum. Developing multiplayer system UDP clients / server. I'm looking for some advice on how to setup the packets. I was thinking the best way was to convert packets to Hex and convert back at the destina
  3. NOTE: TOPIC HAS BEEN MERGED TO HERE: MapIt Quest Special thanks: AdmiralAlkex, Melba23, MrCrearoR, Dragon Warrior 3, SDL MapIt is a tile world editor. MapIt was built around the concept of reversing Dragon Warrior map images. MapIt can take image input and produce a tile and world array. Changing and replacing tile / world data is easy. B/c tile world editor. CTRL+R in image above to signal replace tile action and I use "G" to Get the tile under mouse. A full list of hotkeys can be assigned in the: Help Menu\Hotkeys MapPa
  4. I have a bunch of SDL_Surfaces loaded into memory. I want to list them in a ComboBox. Using this code, I can load images to the combobox from file but not from existing SDL_Surface memory CODE ISN"T MEANT TO RUN ; Create combobox pic list example $aControl[$iControl_id][$eControl_data] = _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_Create($gui, $data_value, $data_x, $data_y, $data_w, $data_h, $CBS_DROPDOWNLIST) ; Image List for ComboboxEx Local $hImage = _GUIImageList_Create($gTile_w, $gTile_h, 6) ; Fill hImage with SDL_Surfaces stored in memory: aNPC_surf[scale][type][way][frame]
  5. A little try with SDL 2 Library and SDL 2 GFX. SDL2_Let It Snow.au3 Press "Esc" for quit. Edit : SDL2.dll and SDL2-Gfx.dll are now located in the tempdir and not called in memory.
  6. Waxworks Code Wheel. Written in AutoIt with SDL. Source
  7. I always knew I'd have to write a configure joystick routine to record and return desired user input to be used for player controls. This example UDF is mainly to help people just getting started, who have never written a configure joystick routine. but it's also a dialog that will setup and load custom controls for as many players as you like. Just try -12 players for example. Example using Configure Controls to setup controls for Tanks that ride on the desktop. Damn I broke the jump shadow before the video, ha. I fixed it before the source upload. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I94yrKrDq
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