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Found 6 results

  1. Hello i am new here and this is my first thread in this script i used some code snippets from forum. I do not remember who these belonged to. Disabled ALT+F4 ALT+TAB TASK MANAGER LOCKING WINDOWS deleted items from ctrl+alt+delete screen (Lock Computer,Switch User,Sign Out,Chance a password,Task Manager) CTRL+ALT+DELETE (how ?) firstly we are disabled locking computer RegWrite('HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System', 'DisableLockWorkstation',"REG_DWORD",0x000000
  2. Screensaver, Sleep, Workstation Lock, and Power-Save Disabling Since I see this question asked again and again, and the simple answer isn't always given (or at least, only half of it is), I'm posting this for reference. To disable Power-saving, Workstation Locking, Screensavers, etc., all that's needed is a call to SetThreadExecutionState. No need for timers, nor for emulating mouse or keyboard input. Just make a call to that API once to disable any locking/sleeping/screensaverin'. When you're done, make another call to it with the proper parameters (this part is important), and everyth
  3. Version 1.1.7


    A little animated Screensaver based on FavIcons
  4. A little Screensaver based on FavIcons Like this screenshot Most websites use 16x16 Icons, so for a better display i used only those who have a 32x32 format. Thanks to : Ward for his BinaryCall UDF ( for call in memory lzma.dll and titchisid.dll ) and trancexx for his ResourcesViewerAndCompiler ( for create the huge icons resource dll ) If you have some time to loose, you can get files in the Download Section Edit 1 : Config is available via right click on compiled version. Edit 2 : Last version do not use lzma.dll and icons resource dll but an ImageList from a jpg for store the 730 "icons
  5. Some Screensavers I wrote (and more to come) using Direct2D. Download: AutoItScreenSavers.7z Run the scripts in TestMode by pressing F5 in SciTE Or compile them by pressing F7 and select the Screensaver in the Windows-Screensaver Settings The Direct2D-UDF in the download file is not the latest one - you find the newest version in my signature:
  6. Entertainment The idea was to adapt the eagle.au3 example posted by mesale0077 making the bird fly across the monitor. This is the result: eagle fly GreenCan.au3 But, I was not really happy with the result, so I thought, maybe use the original animated gif and move it across the monitor using a transparent GUI. This is a script based on an example of trancexx' GIFAnimation udf. GIFAnimation.au3 is required for below example and can be found here: GIFAnimation.au3 I think the result is much better than the perforated GUI. The script is a kind of a screen saver, or at least a distractor for t
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