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Found 4 results

  1. Okay this is likely due to my not properly understanding objects. I'm using _Word_DocRangeSet to extend a range (in this case to the end of a line). The issue I've encountered is that extending one range seems to affect another range. It may be that an object can't be assigned or equated. In any event the program and test file (place in the same directory) illustrate the issue. Test 1 - shows the documentation for _Word_DocRangeSet correctly shows how the range is extended and the assigned result is extended. No problem here just part of my learning. Test 2 - lik
  2. Okay I've hacked down a large program to illustrate the problem I'm having. I'm using the built-in Word UDF (which is great) and am finding a range and then copying it to the clipboard and sticking it in an array for viewing. Then extending the range and again copying it to a clipboard and sticking it into the array. It seems to drop the ranges randomly. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong (or if there's a better way to get a range into a variable). Run the program with the test file and you'll see entries being dropped (put test file in same directory as the program).
  3. I tried a lot of techniques but still have no luck.. How can I delete the second sentence until the last sentence of a set paragraph range on a Microsoft Word document? #include <Word.au3> Global $oWord, $oDoc $oWord = _Word_Create() $oDoc = _Word_DocGet($oWord, 1) Global Const $Count = $oDoc.Paragraphs.Count For $i = 0 To $Count - 1 $oRange = _Word_DocRangeSet($oDoc, -1, $wdParagraph, $i, $wdParagraph, 1) ; Here will be placed the missing code Next Sample of the beginning of a Word document: This is a sentence 1. This is a sentence 2. This is a sentence 3. This is a se
  4. Is there a way to get the style of a set range on a Microsoft Word document? If there is, then how?
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