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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone. I need to convert any string to 3-digit decimal. It is possible to convert through online tools. Is there any way to do this in AutoIt. For Example ; 8cdb3 = DECIMAL 056 099 100 098 051 Is it possible the conversion above by AutoIt? Thanks.
  2. Good evening! I know this has been done to death in many programming languages and probably even in AutoIt. But couldn't help myself and as a learning challenge I wrote "yet another converter" LOL I need your help to test it and show me "the error of my ways" but in a nutshell here's what it can do already (taken from my source file) : Converts all zip files recursively into a 7Zip file, with max compression REQUIRES AUTOIT Version + Exact copy with attributes and folder structure + Extensive error checking, including files blocked by anti-virus (by file count
  3. Here is a simple program that some of you might appreciate. It is a more full fleshed out version of something I worked on a while back as a proof of concept. I will just quote the information found in the Program Information dialog. Older Screenshot INItoSQL DB.zip INItoSQL DB v1.1.zip (see Post #3 for update details) INItoSQL DB v1.4.zip (see Post #4 for update details) INItoSQL DB v1.6.zip (see Post #7 for update details) BIG THANKS to ResNullius for huge speed improvement etc. Program requires the sqlite3.dll, not included, but easily en
  4. After much searching I finally found a method to get eMails from an Exchange eMail account inbox. I was hoping for AutoIT or vbscript but I couldn't find any that would read the inbox messages without using Outlook. I needed this because I'm testing a web-form that generates an eMail sent to a shared mailbox "not what my current outlook is configured for". so, I needed to connect to a different account, then get the inbox messages, and see if the auto-generated eMail message body contains what I submitted in the form. I found a PowerShell script that was close and modified i
  5. This is a small app I wrote awhile back to batch FFMPEG commands of videos. I have a camcorder that saves to a file type .mts and I wanted to convert them to .mp4 but was too lazy to write out the commands one at a time in the CMD window. NOTES: You will need to download ffmpeg, as it is the application doing the actual conversions (http://ffmpeg.org/). It can only do one directory at a time, it will not do recursive directories. The defaults are set up to convert .mts files to .mp4, if you want to change the input, output and command line options you can, however, you may need to read
  6. Trying to find a quick way to convert 30k+ WordPerfect files into Word. Will probably run it locally from an admin machine or server so user permissions won't affect it. My idea was just to open the file, select all, copy, open new word doc, paste, file, save.... What would be the best way to go about scripting something in this way?
  7. This code is a subset of an AutoIt tool I wrote for the classic DOS word-processor XyWrite. The tool allows 7-bit Ascii encoding of XyWrite Programming Language programs, with "readability aids" that mimic the way this code looks natively on the DOS screen. This is a special 7-bit encoding that we've used for many years in the XyWrite community to discuss XPL code on the XyWrite Mailing List. But that's neither here nor there. The present subset consists of three utilities, which I offer here for what they're worth. The first, DVIEW.AU3, takes a binary file and displays it in the default Windo
  8. This is a script I made to enable me to be able to combine either something non-alcoholic with something alcoholic and know how much to add (easy on a calculator) but then also to be able to deal with two alcoholic drinks and know how much of the second one will be needed to get to a desired strength (much much harder to figure out). It runs through by adding the second alcoholic liquid in increments of 0.5 ml until it meets exactly or the first number that exceeds the desired strength. It simplifies the whole process since it just tries all the combinations rather that doing complicated math
  9. Peers: (binary model), the peers value may be a string consisting of multiples of 6 bytes. First 4 bytes are the IP address and last 2 bytes are the port number. All in network (big endian) notation. The list of peers is length 50 by default. How can I convert the attached? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endianness#Big-endian I've tried BinaryToString with no luck. Thanks in advance. Peers.txt
  10. Hi all, I need to convert a .csv file that after conversion will fill an array for futher usage. function used/not used: stringsplit(), stringregexp(),stringinstr(), stringreplace() I know the best way is to use stringsplit given a delimiter (,). But this is not possible here since: Here is some lines fo the .csv Game Title,Quantity,For Sale,Platform,Rating,Number,New After Life,5,2,PC,PG1,23332,Yes Max Payne,4,0,Wii,PG3,109,No Fifa 2009,11,2,DS,PG2,976,Yes "Hellgate, London",3,2,PC,PG2,112,No Logitech Mouse,12,4,mouse, ,No Pinball 2010,1,1,PS3,PG1,065,No As you can see:
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