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Found 8 results

  1. Not sure what's going on with my script, but when I range read the contents in column A and then write them to column E it inserts the contents but it also inserts #N/A after all the way down to row 1048576. What am I missing from my script? Below is my script
  2. I'm having some issues with my script that's not grabbing the id from the cell and appending it to the url test that I have in my script. Here is my script: What I'm having issues is looping through the id column in the excel spreadsheet and adding 1 to the url address when its tabbed by using _WD_NewTab. When it goes to the browser I'm wanting it to display: press Enter and save the file as 1.html and so forth for the others. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.
  3. An example of updating an excel file with a join between excel range and access tables. #include <Excel.au3> #include <Array.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> ;#include <WinAPIFiles.au3> ;Permitir unha única instancia da aplicación #include <Misc.au3> ;_Singleton("ADO_Update_Excel_From_Access", 0) If _Singleton("ADO_Update_Excel_From_Access", 1) = 0 Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Warning", "An occurrence of test is already running") Exit EndIf Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1) Opt(
  4. Hi, I have a set of excel docs 1& 2 1) In Excel 1 i have a fixed column called dimensionId that contains list of dimensionid's with in between empty cells. Here, For each dimesionId, i need to check corresponding columns of L,M,N ,O(senior, mid, junior, student) & check If they contain letter Y (Open excel 2) and if empty ignore,check next. I need to loop through the entire column of dimensionId one by one, please help me proceed with the logic. 2) If letter Y exists, open excel 2 and check if same dimesionId exists in column A. New to autoit excel automa
  5. Hi, is it possible to break link in active/open $oWorkbook0 with excel.udf function ? If some could link some example... Data-Edit Links-Break Link
  6. First post, be gentle I am working on a script that will eventually run via a batch file with Task Scheduler. The purpose of the script is to query SQL Server and save the results as .xlsx files. However, when I run the script either from the editor or compiled file, the excel windows open and I have to close them for the script to continue. I did not have this issue initially, the excel windows would open and then close on their own. Below is code from one section of the script where I am creating my spreadsheets. This code creates a single spreadsheet with a list of invoices
  7. Hello, I am receiving the following error: What is strange (to me), is that this error only occurs during a loop. If I manually iterate through each count, it works fine, but as soon as I put it back in the loop, it shows this error. I would appreciate any feedback you can give. I will post code below. Local $sFilePathForILPs = @ScriptDir & "\ILPs" Local $aArrayOfILP_Files = _GetListOfILPsInDirectoryToBatch($sFilePathForILPs) For $iCC = 1 To UBound($aArrayOfILP_Files) - 1 Local $oILPWorkbook = _Excel_BookOpen($oExcel, $sFilePathForILPs & "\" &
  8. I am using the version of Excel.au3 that came with auto-it but it says undefined function when I try to run it. Here is the code. Thanks Local $oExcel = _ExcelBookNew() ===================SHOWS undefinded function _ExcelWriteSheetFromArray($oExcel, $Model1, 1, 1, 0, 0) ===================SHOWS undefinded function
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