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Found 6 results

  1. I have a spreadsheet - daily routine which has two columns: activity and time as shown here | Activity | Time | |----------------------|----------| | Sleep | 6:00 am | | Toilet | 6:15 am | | Get ready for gym | 6:30 am | | Exercise | 7:50 am | | ... more things | 9:00 pm | | ... still more | 10:45 pm | | Sleep | 6:00 am | I wanted to find out, say in C1 which activity is current for me using now() I.e., if it’s 6:45am on my watch, it should show me Exercise in C1 Thanks to Adam D. PE, this formula works like magic to get the result =VLOOKUP(MOD(NOW(),1),{B2:B,A2:A},2,1) Now, I want to reproduce same result in autoit, how to do that? To have easy solution say, I copy-paste spreadsheet data in array directly in code, right? Use for loop and run the above vlookup function and show the answer using tooltip. How to achieve this? please help.
  2. Hello friends, I need some help and ideas because I am a tiny bit lost here! I am building some GUI with some tools and one of my tabs allows me to retrieve Data from my database in pre-defined ways I prefer. Currently, I can just look at them as in a Listview so no editing allowed I believe(*if I am wrong please correct me), but my dream is that I can have full control over it as in a spreadsheet program such as excel and open office. what I like to include is for example; click cell to edit, Move cursor to next left, top, down or right cell, and make the cells bigger or smaller mouse over functions (for example a product info or picture loading etc), Enter to save temporary data in the cell / field or right away update it to my database also, Right mouse click for options etc, drag my cells and columns to edit select multiple* rows / columns etc the whole basic shenanigans i guess. this seems to be a daunting task for a beginner like me and I Know I am not a great programmer myself either. but I got time on my hand and I am very interested in how to accomplish this if possible, has it been done before and if not why not?!?!?! , The options I want in bold are required for the bare minimum to make things remotely work. Can I have some small guidance on this? I am under the impression that the AutoIt itself does not have these functions or possibilities, can I program this myself and how? Do I need to start accessing resources outside AutoIt and for example need to start learning win32 GUI programming or whatever it is called? I have tried the search for a while but I am at a loss. any help is appreciated and I will try to contribute myself as much as possible and I want to emphasize that I really Require the ELI5 (explain me like I am 5 years old) approach! thank you so much for reading and your time! Regards Rene
  3. Hi there. A few years ago, we have Excel Offline. When we want to do something Auto with Excel, we have "_Excel" Now, Excel is not Offline anymore. Google Drive - Spreadsheet , brings Excel to Online. We can do a lot of things with Google Drive - Spreadsheet. But, I have a problem. Control, make a code Autoit run in Google Drive - Spreadsheet is not Easy. So, I need help. Please give me some point to show me How to make a code AutoIT can run in Google Drive - Spreadsheet Thanks.
  4. I wrote a script that is designed to log at least 10,000 lines of data. While timing it in the beginning, I figured this will take a while so I decided to afk. I came back shortly and found an error came up in the script C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include\Excel.au3 (451) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.: $oExcel.Activesheet.Cells($sRangeOrRow, $iColumn).Value = $sValue $oExcel.Activesheet.Cells($sRangeOrRow, $iColumn).Value = $sValue^ ERROR About six thousand lines were produced in the file successfully, but I was wondering what could have caused this error?
  5. here is a UDF that uses input controls to imitate a spreadsheet. Example 1 Here are the functions: 9/1/2011: Added Example 1 SpreadSheet.au3
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