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Found 6 results

  1. Opt('TrayAutoPause', 0) $iTray1 = TrayCreateItem('Tray 1') TrayItemSetState(-1, 1) TrayCreateItem('') $iTrayMenu1 = TrayCreateMenu('Tray Menu 1') $iTray2 = TrayCreateItem('Tray 2', $iTrayMenu1, -1, 1) TrayItemSetState(-1, 1) $iTray3 = TrayCreateItem('Tray 3', $iTrayMenu1, -1, 1) $iTray4 = TrayCreateItem('Tray 4', $iTrayMenu1, -1, 1) TrayCreateItem('') $iTrayMenu2= TrayCreateMenu('Tray Menu 2') $iTray5 = TrayCreateItem('Tray 5', $iTrayMenu2, -1, 1) TrayItemSetState(-1, 1) $iTray6 = TrayCreateItem('
  2. I have a script which is not very good written and could be mouch smaller etc. but thats not the point. The Problem is that sometimes my script stuck and the reason is i am using a tray menu and hotkeys to call other functions... Is there a way, to only allow a new hotkey function to get started when the other stopped? Or a way to always return to the tray menu? #RequireAdmin #include <StringConstants.au3> #include <TrayConstants.au3> #include <Process.au3> #include <File.au3> #include <FileConstants.au3> #include "ScalingMessageBox.
  3. I'd be happy with help, even for problem (1) alone, so don't be overwhelmed... Rusty and frustrated with some weird stuff in my program for well over 2 years, I've finally made a reproducer... (I'm using v3.3.14.1 here) In this forum, I picked up some code to detect a Mouse Right-click (see URL below). I have no idea if that code is solid or dodgy... In my program I test for the combo of Shift + Right-click, which will then automatically copy the URL of an underlying html link and do stuff with it (here simply replaced with a BEEP). In the reproducer, when doing Shift + R-c
  4. Included is a working piece of code to enlarge the handy Move / Copy dialog windows in FastStone Image Viewer, and default to the Favorites tab I am usually using a main program with hotkeys. Therefore the While 1 ... WEnd loop. I only recently made the beginning of a TrayMenu, but I have not come across how to ideally incorporate this with the While 1 ... loop yet... If I only include _exampleTrayMenu() in the loop, that works. If I only include the FastStone test without _exampleTrayMenu(), that works. If I include both in the loop, like in the example, the Fast
  5. Hello all, 2 quest: 1. Is it possible for TrayMenu, to align the menus right to left (hebrew) ? 2. I am using #include <TrayConstants.au3> to control the BGcolor can I choose to use different colors for different menus on the same TrayMenu I have tried different name for every set of TrayCreateMenu And assigning different bgcolor for every menu (under the same TrayMenu) but didn't get the result TNX Eyal
  6. Hi all! I have a problem with creating the right varibles in the switch statment and wonder if some on can help me figure out the best way to procide? i got the part when i create all trayitems with a "FOR" statement from an ini file working, but i fail when it comes to the switch statement. ini file look like this.. [Links] Calulator=Calc.exe and so on... here is part of my script.. it works for a few min.. then the hole application hangs (when compiled, seems to work in test mode, before i compile it?) is this part that seems to cose the er
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