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Found 6 results

  1. I have a working script that changes the core affinity and process priority of multiples of a specific application I have running. I have that part figured out. I would like to make a little modification to it. Windows10 introduced virtual desktops. I am trying to have different core affinity and priority of processes on the visible and non-visible desktops. What I need is a bool function that could be described as IsWindowOnCurrentDesktop($hWnd). I have searched the winAPI.au3 but I do not believe anything like that exists built it. I have searched multiple places before asking for help. I found a Microsoft supplied example of the function I need using C#, but I am unfamiliar with C# to a degree that I cannot port the system call over. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/winsdk/2015/09/10/virtual-desktop-switching-in-windows-10/ Help is appreciated but not expected. Thanks in advanced. In the meantime I will be learning C# syntax and class structure.
  2. I recently upgraded my laptop to one with Windows 10 and higher screen resolution. In the process I found that some of my scripts did not work right when using Autoit's @DesktopWidth and @DesktopHeight macros. Insteat of 1920 x 1080 resolution Autoit detects 1536 x 864. Thus, GUIs designed to appear near the right edge of the screen displayed closer to the horizontal middle of the screen. I assume others may have the same problem. A search on this forum and Microsoft Script Center helped me to write the following script that gets the true screen width and height from WMI. MsgBox(0, '', _GetMonitorInfo()) Func _GetMonitorInfo() Local $oWMI, $Listing, $sWidth = 0, $sHeight = 0 $oWMI = ObjGet("winmgmts:\\" & @ComputerName & "\root\CIMV2") If IsObj($oWMI) Then $Listing = $oWMI.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_DesktopMonitor") If IsObj($Listing) Then For $oItem In $Listing $sHeight = $oItem.ScreenHeight $sWidth = $oItem.ScreenWidth Next EndIf EndIf Return "Width: " & $sWidth & @CRLF & "Height: " & $sHeight EndFunc ;_GetMonitorInfo Hopefully it will benefit others. I for sure am very happy with all the samples I been able to find here in the past.
  3. I was looking for a way to find out how long my PC had been running a few weeks ago and had trouble finding something that satisfied my needs, I found a Visual Basic Script that worked but found it too long. But searching trough AutoIt WINAPI help found that it really was as simple as the following little script. #include <WinAPISys.au3> #include <WinAPIMisc.au3> Local $Uptime = _WinAPI_StrFromTimeInterval(_WinAPI_GetTickCount()) MsgBox(0, '', "PC Uptime ==> " & $UpTime) Hope it helps...
  4. Hello everyone, i have a problem on my scripts to activate the auto install of driver on W10 with autoit. When i open "control.exe", "sysdm.cpl" and i send "Send("^{TAB}")" my PC is doing nothing, like windows 10 don't take Control + Tab, but when i do with my keyboard it works, so i think there is something with the script with W10 ? Here it is the scripts i have : ProgressSet("3%", "Activation recherche auto pilote sur le net en cours...") Sleep(200) ShellExecute("control.exe", "sysdm.cpl") WinWait("Propriétés système") ;==> Attend la fenêtre msgbox(1,"test","1") Send("^{TAB}") msgbox(1,"test","2") Sleep(100) ControlClick("Propriétés système", "", "[ID:2008]") ;==> Envoi un clic msgbox(1,"test","3") Sleep(300) ControlClick("Paramètres d’installation de périphérique", "", "[ID:1082]") Sleep(100) ControlClick("Paramètres d’installation de périphérique", "", "[ID:1]") Sleep(300) ControlClick("Propriétés système", "", "[ID:1]") ProgressSet("5%", "Activation recherche auto pilote sur le net terminée...") Sleep(10000) All the french in the scripts are just the name of window opened. Thanks for the help.
  5. All, I have windows 10 64 bit pro with the latest versions of scite and installed. Not that it matters for this instance. My monitor resolution is 1920 x 1080 progressive with a refresh rate of 64 HZ ( more in a min on that ) I have a Nvida gtx 960 card and an HP monitor Since moving to Windows 10 and this configuration ( latest drivers of course ) I am unable to see the " ControlSetText " being displayed under the standard 60HZ refresh rate in WIndows 10. On Windows 7 machines this is flawless and always had been. The ControlSetText is updated at an extremely fast rate. IF I change the resolution one notch lower in windows 10 the display displays the text like in Windows 7 60HZ refresh. IF I user the max resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 60 HZ nothing is displayed in Windows 10. IF I create a custom resolution profile and just change the refresh rate to 64HZ it displays normally in Windows 10. If I enable " GUIGetMsg() " it displays fine but processes very slow fyi I will place the relevant code below. I am wondering: 1) what is the max refresh/update rate for ControlSetText ( fasted it can be updated ) 2) Could this be adjusted either in code without hampering processing speed 3) Does this need to be addressed in AutoIT program itself as a bug ? #include <Array.au3> #include <File.au3> Local $aRetArray, $aArray local $sFilePath = @ScriptDir & "\info.txt" _FileReadToArray($sFilePath, $aRetArray) Local $aArray[UBound($aRetArray)] SplashTextOn("Percent Complete", "", 130, 40, -1, -1, 16, "") Local $a = 0 Local $hTimer = TimerInit() $bb = UBound($aRetArray) - 1 For $i = 1 To UBound($aRetArray) - 1 ; ;GUIGetMsg();prevent high cpu usage $line = $aRetArray[$i] If StringRight($line, 2) = " X" Then If $i = 1 Then $line1 = StringLen($line) - StringLen($aRetArray[$i]) $line2 = StringRight($line, $line1) $line3 = $aRetArray[$i] $line4 = $aRetArray[$i + 1] Else $line1 = StringLen($line) - StringLen($aRetArray[$i - 1]) $line2 = StringRight($line, $line1) $line3 = $aRetArray[$i - 1]; $line4 = $aRetArray[$i + 1]; EndIf $aArray[$a] = $i & "| " & $line3 & "| " & $line2 & "| " & $line4 $a = $a + 1 EndIf ControlSetText("Percent Complete", "", "Static1", Round((($i / $bb) * 100), 2)) NextThanks in advance
  6. Hi, is there currently a way to Switch between the Desktops which can be created within Windows 10 with an AutoIt function?
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