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    This file is the source code for zPlayer, which is a stand-alone, simple, intuitive and easy-to-use, yet fully functional media player. I made this to suit my purpose and you can tweak it to your taste. zPlayer is powered by winmm.dll which is an integral part of Windows. This player has the following features: - No 3rd party dependencies. This player is made with Windows components and standard AutoIt UDFs only - Play back all formats of digital media files as far as proper codecs are installed in the computer - Video window is independent of other windows. Minimal GUI for music - Can load files, folders or an audio CD for playback - Playlists are automatically generated in sorted and shuffled orders and saved in the folder - Playlist is hidden by default, availbable when desired - Context menus available: Play this file, File properties, Search internet, Go to this folder, Remove from playlist - A double-click on any item plays that item - Search strings in the playlist - Forward, backward, pause, change folder - A-B repeat, current file repeat and multiple-file repeat functions - Increase/decrease/mute program sound volume. Synchronized with Windows Volume Mixer - Save play-back environment when terminating a session and resume that environment in the next session - 'Resume playback' option for a file left off in the middle of playback. Audio fade-in when playback is resumed - Hotkeys available for most of the functions - Very small footprint: very low CPU and memory usage The script is set to run or compile in x64 mode. You can change this setting by commenting out #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=Y. zPlayer.exe, attached hereto, was compiled in x64 mode and is not flagged by Windows Defender as malicious. If you compile the script to an x86 file, the resulting zPlayer.exe will most probably be falsely flagged by Windows Defender as malicious. If you find an error, please download the latest version as most probably the error may have been corrected already. Otherwise I would appreciate it very much if you could kindly let me know. Note: zPlayer is the name I used when I introduced the early version of this player in my blog in 2009 and has nothing to do with the mobile media player of the same name which started marketing in 2015.
  2. I recently bumped into winmm.dll and found that it was the resource file of Sound.au3 UDF for all of its audio functions. I was interested in learning its video funtions as well to find if it could replace WMPlayer.OCX in my zPlayer. I have been a bit dissatisfied with WMPlayer object because it required a resizing process for a simple toggle between play and pause. This made the video to flicker and it was annoying. That was the reason for going back to the earlier version of zPlayer, knowing that WMPlayer object embedded in IE may not be supported by Windows in the near future. Edit: Attached is a media player based on wimm.dll. Much of the time I spent to make this player was on video playback. I foresee that this player will ultimately be the future version of my zPlayer. I had a lot of fun working on this. And I have to say thank you to many of forum members for helping me out when I had difficulties. If an error is found, I would expect that you would kindly let me know. If you download the latest version, hopefully the error would have been corrected already. (File updated on August 15, 2023) ==> Please visit here for the latest update. WINMM.DLL Media Player.zip
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