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I'm new, and do apologize if this has been asked. I am testing out various bits and pieces of AutoIT, and ran across the @CPUArch macro... which seems lovely, when I'm monitoring a system and need to know which version of a file to download.

Until I went and ran it on my laptop... which I know is a dual core x86... and it came up with x64.

The code was simply:

MsgBox(0, "Test", @CPUArch)

What am I missing?

Edit: Not really even looking for the answer. A nudge in the direction I could go to figure out why this is would be just fine.

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@CPUArch returns the capabilities of the CPU, not the operating system. You want @OSArch.

BTW what laptop and CPU do you have? It doesn't make a bloody sense to return x64 if it really is x86.

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Are there dualcore CPUs without x64 capability ?!

EDIT: I mean in the x86 architecture of course.

No idea, but @CPUArch should not be wrong in any case, hence why I asked which model he has so I can look it up.

Edit: The Yonah was a dual-core with only x86

Edit2: Could also be an Atom (Z- or N-series) with HT enabled. But calling that dual-core would be ignorant.

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