This is the AutoIt's version of Microsoft Scriptomatic tool. Which took me some hours to rewrite (yes, yes, I'm not such a fast script writer). If you don't know what Scriptomatic is, see: This version is written in AutoIt script AND it produces an AutoIt script ! Requirements: - AutoIt version (or higher) - Some knowledge about WMI Download at:;showfile=29 Have fun! Regards, -Sven EDIT 17-APR-2005: Updated with suggestions from gafrost and some other bugfixes. Now REQUIRES AutoIt beta version or higher ! EDIT 17-APR-2005 11PM: For the generated script you have now options for dialog, text or HTML output. EDIT 14-MAY-2005: Fixed a tiny bug: If the output contained an array-variable, I incorrectly used the index 1. But arrays start from index 0. Thanks gafrost ! Edit: Uploaded JdeB's fixed version for the latest beta release. - Jon.