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Make chroot jail sandbox for windows?

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Is there any way to make an imitation of linux/unix/bsd 'chroot' jail on windows?

This is a sandbox where a program can't modify files. All reads and writes are re-directed to a special folder.

A jailed program is unable to write to the disk outside it's designated folder.

A programs chroot jail might be____________c:\jail

If a program wants to save a file to__________c:\program files\notepad.txt

it will actually save it to___________________c:\jail\c:\program files\notepad.txt

If a file is to be modified, a copy of the file will be made and placed in the jail and that will be modified, and later reads will be directed to that file (copy on write).

Jailed programs would have their own version of the filesystem with the modifications it has made.

Also, which folders a program is able to read from can be controlled.

Would this be a long and complicated program if it was possible to do at all?

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Are you talking about creating a sandbox environment using Autoit? Or automate operations inside a sandbox environment. If you meant the former try solutions like Sandboxie.

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