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WinGetState was added in 3.0.94 after Jon realized he overlooked the functionality.

(I bet it would have been added sooner if Jon had used the name WinSetState instead of WinShow.)

You can open a help file to a specific location using the right command-line parameters to hh.exe (for CHM help files). I don't know about HLP help files; probably similar....

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WinGetState ( "title" [, "text"] )

Return Value:

Success: Returns a value indicating the state of the window. Multiple values are added together so use BitAND() to examine the part you are interested in:

1 = Window exists

2 = Window is visible

4 = Windows is enabled

8 = Window is active

16 = Window is minimized

32 = Windows is maximized

Failure: Returns 0 and sets @error to 1 if the window is not found.

In .94 version. Makes things really easy at times now. Is it maximised? or just the same size as the desktop?

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Alright I have finished what I know and when I get home I will convert it to a web page. If anyone has anything to change please let me know. I have discovered that I am losing interest in this project so what I got I am putting up and maybe if someone deems necessary they can continue or work with me on continuing it.

Here is the .csv and I will put the HTML page up tonight.

Thanks for all who helped.


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The comparison continues (but I'm for AutoIT).

AutoIT can do some DLL calls, etc...

Winbatch can do COM/OLE (thus interface with MS Office apps like VBA) and has the "AddExtender" command which allows it to call special dlls to extend its built in function set. There is also webatch now for CGI scripting.

Winbatch commands link:

http://files.winbatch.com/wwwftp/wb01/wil-lang.pdf (Wil)

http://files.winbatch.com/wwwftp/wb01/winbatch.pdf (WinBatch)

http://webbatch.windowware.com/webcgi/webb...eber+about+null (webbatch)

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