This is an automated system rescue tool that I have created to use at work. It is designed to take any computer ranging from heavily infected to just a little crapped up and make it run like new. Version 2.5 Basic Overview of Features * Virus/Spyware/Rootkit Scanning * Temp File Cleanup * Registry Optimization and scanning * Fix Windows Services * Performance Tweaks * Drive Defrag/Check * Speed up Acrobat Reader * Restore or Optimize Services Settings Note: This is only the Highlights, not the full feature list The only external files that it includes (in compiled executable) are... * exclude.lst (a custom exclude list for RegSeeker) * services.ini (settings for services options) * (settings for start-up removal) * help.ico All are included in the download Update History Update v2.5->2.5.1 * Added "Clear Cmd Autoruns" to address a security vulnerability in cmd.exe Update v2.4->2.5 * Fixed a lot of bugs * Removed RegSeeker (was causing errors) * Added a custom winapp2.ini file for extra app support in CCleaner * Removed multilingual support (at least for now... needed to fix line 66 bug) Update v2.3->2.4 * Now kills malicious processes every 15 seconds * Complete overhaul of the "AutoRuns Prune" Feature * Added more misc fixes to "Fix Explorer" * Added revert feature for Autoruns Cleaning * Added Simple User Interface "/simple" Update: Version 2.2->2.3 * Added multi-lingual support * Added in-depth logging * Added revert feature on services * Large backend update * Consolidated Features * Bugfixes Update: Version 2.1->2.2 * Ton of bugfixes * Entire new tab of WinFixes * Drastic updates to fixes resembling features from Dial-a-Fix (added many new specific error fixes) * Tooltips on all items * Terms of use on first run Update: Version 2.0d->2.1 * Major Code Opt * Added "Disable Extra System Notifications" * Added "Disable Security Notifications" * Improved "Optomize Resource Usage" Update: Version 2.0c->2.0d * Some Bug-fixes (Thanks GrayFox) * Minor architecture update Update: Version 1.9->2.0 * Added "Quick Scan" For RegSeeker * Fixed MalwareBytes download link * Sped up services by switching from net to WMI (no external files required anymore) * Added entries to Autoruns Pruning * Some Minor Bugfixes For full revision history go here For a binary download go here Updated 04/27/2010 Note: The latest version of AutoIt is required to compile this script Comments, Feature Requests? Previous Downloads: 1945 AutoClean v2.5.1