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is it possbile to find the position of a desktop icon by name of the icon?

I will write a script, that "catch" an icon and move it to it's "correct" position. If there is another icon at this position, it first have to move this icon.

The reason is:

I often change the resolution and every time the icons are confused and I have to order them manually.

Perhaps anybody find this project interessting and would like to develop in team.



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The easiest way might be to actually use the program IconSaver:


For each screen resolution, you need need to arrage the icons how you want them and then tell the program to save the layout. I've found it works well for my needs; I like keep the "My Computer" (and other preset icons) along the right side of my screen in one column so that all temporary downloads and files go on the right side. I use IconSaver to fix my preset arrangment when I change screen resolutions.

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