Aye guys, just want to know if it's possible to screen capture something, like an image, while the GUI is hidden or in the tray. If it is, how would you do it? I currently have to show my GUI first, ( if it's minimized ), then screen capture to make sure I get the image I want. Like : $hwnd = WinGetHandle( 'Get Your Stats!') $filename = @DesktopDir & '\Stats.jpg' $oImg2 = _IEImgGetCollection( $oIE, 5) $right = $oImg2.getBoundingClientRect().right $left = $oImg2.getBoundingClientRect().left $top = $oImg2.getBoundingClientRect().top $bottom = $oImg2.getBoundingClientRect().bottom $iI = _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd( $filename, $hwnd, $left, $top, $right, $bottom, False) _ScreenCapture_SaveImage( $filename, $iI) GUICtrlCreatePic( $filename, 1, 1, 240, 60)