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Zimbra Desktop installation with AutoIt

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Hi ppl,

I am currently stuck creating an AutoIt script for an automated installation of Zimbra Desktop (for Windows) which can be found here: (Zimbra Desktop)

Installation runs fine, however I don´t know what the guy who wrote the install-routine for Zimbra did:

the Window Info Tools shows no visible nor any hidden text for all the Pages during the installation and the Window title and Class stay the same, every time i run the routine, the window gets another Handle... and i need to push one last "OK" Button which also isn´t recognized by the Window-Info tool to be any kind of Button...

so far, i have written some ugly lines of code for the installation:

If BitAND(GUICtrlRead ($zimbra[1]), $GUI_CHECKED) == 1 Then

                                Run (@ScriptDir & "\res\zdesktop.exe")
                                WinWaitActive ("Language Selection")
                                ;Sleep( 500 )
                                ;Sleep( 50000 )
                                WinWaitActive ("Setup - Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop 1.0.3")
                                Sleep( 500 )
                                Send ( "{TAB}{TAB}{SPACE}" )
                                Send ( "{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{SPACE}" )
                                Sleep (500)
                                Sleep (50000)

Does anyone has any idea how I could be able to write a script which will install Zimbra for me?

I have to install it on ~40 PC´s this week and I wouldn't want to do all the clicks manually :D

Systems to be installed on are Win7 and WinXP pro.

I use AutoIt v3.3.4.0...

any help would be grately appreciated!

hope to see some answeres soon :huggles:


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