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Drivespacetotal() - Drivespacefree()

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:evil: Okay .. I confess I misunderstood the helpfile on DriveSpaceTotal and DriveSpaceFree: I understood that the difference between these figures would yield the size of a folder B) ..

$sPath = "D:\temp\target\"
    $nSpaceTotal = DriveSpaceTotal($sPath)
    $nSpaceFree = DriveSpaceFree($sPath)
    $nSpaceUsed = $nSpaceTotal - $nSpaceFree
    msgbox (4096 + 32,"",$nSpaceTotal & @LF & $nSpaceFree & @LF & $nSpaceUsed)

However, the figures that are returned evidently apply only to the root of the path argument, regardless of the folder specified. I submit, though, that the helpfile conspired in my delusion :whistle: :


DriveSpaceFree may even work when a complete directory path (that exists) is given.

Nevertheless .. if FileGetSize won't help either (the documentation says "Does not work on directories" .. then how does one cleverly find out the size of a folder??? :angry: (unstable)


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In AutoHotkey you can do it this way. I'm pretty sure you can do something similar AutoIt3 using its FindFirst/NextFile, but it takes a little bit more code:

FileSelectFolder, folder_name, C:\,, Choose a folder to analyze:
TotalSize = 0
Loop, %folder_name%\*.*,, 1
     TotalSize += %A_LoopFileSizeKB%
MsgBox, Total size in KB of "%folder_name%" is %TotalSize%.
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This script uses the good old dir command and displays the totals for the given selection including the subdirs...

Just compile into xyz.exe and type the command: xyz c:\yourdir or xyz c:\yourdir\*.ext

(only tested in WinXP)

If $CmdLine[0] = 0 then exit
runwait('cmd /c Dir "' & $CmdLine[1]  & '" /s /x  > files.txt',"",@SW_HIDE)
$ifile = FileOpen("files.txt", 0)
; Check if file opened for reading OK
If $ifile = -1 Then
  MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open: files.txt")
While 1
  $Fi_Rec = FileReadLine($iFile)
  If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
  If StringInStr($Fi_Rec,"Total Files Listed:") Then
     MsgBox(4096,"Dirsize","Dirsize for selection:" & $CmdLine[1]  & @cr & FileReadLine($iFile)  & @cr & FileReadLine($iFile))

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