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really weird pixelsearch problem

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When i use pixelsearch out of game, with a CONSTANT (non variable) region, it gets done in .4 seconds. When I do it ingame, with the exact same settings, it takes 24 seconds. And this is on a 300x300 region. The color isn't being found on either of them, so the thing really is searching all 900 pixels on both. Why is it doing this?

EDIT: Problem solved. The game was taking up CPU, and slowing down the process. Duh.

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It's much more than 900 pixels :( Area of a rectangle: Length * Width. 90,000 pixels, I think.

Anyway, what're your computers specs? You have to realize the game is crunching a lot of data to spit the images out to you, that might be what's slowing it down.

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