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passing operators to imagemagick

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I couldn't seem to find an answer to this, so I'm hoping to get help here.

global $img = ObjCreate("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1")

    $NewImage = $img.Convert( _
    "source.JPG", _
    "-gravity", _
    "south", _
    "-background", _
    "#afbc22", _
    "-splice", _
    "0x60", _
    "-font", _
    "OCR-A-Extended", _
    "-pointsize", _
    "12"," "," ", _
    "-annotate", _
    "+0+0", _
    "filename goes here", _

The above script makes use of imagemagick to label an image. So far, so good. However, I have to pass each of the parameters at the time of writing the script. I can use variables and thus change some aspects of the image manipulation, but I cannot, e.g. chose whether to include the setting of the background-colour.

I am looking for a way to dynamicially create the list of parameters and then pass that on to imagemagick. e.g. I want to be able to chose if I write text in one location, or in two separate places.

So, what I need, is some way to pass e.g. an array of arguments to $img.Convert like

$NewImage = $img.Convert($ArrayOfArguments)

I hope I am making myself clear?

Is this possible at all?

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ETA: I have a very large number of images to work with, so I don't want to generate uncountable,separate DOS-calls etc, when I could just create the object once and have it load the images one after another.

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Rather than passing the options individually, why can't you just pass it as one string?

Global $img = ObjCreate("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1")

$options = ''
$options &= "source.JPG "
$options &= "-gravity "
$options &= "south "
$options &= "-background "
$options &= "#afbc22 "
$options &= "-splice "
$options &= "0x60 "
$options &= "-font "
$options &= "OCR-A-Extended "
$options &= "-pointsize "
$options &= "12 "
$options &= "-annotate "
$options &= "+0+0 "
$options &= "filename goes here "
$options &= "testoutput.jpg"

$NewImage = $img.Convert($options)
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Hi, thank you for your quick reply.

However, if I try to pass just one string the DLL throws back an unhelpful error-message. (i.e i get the help-file and no actual clue as to where my mistake is.)

It seems to need all the chunks as a comma separated list; I can't pass an array of values, I've tried the "CallArgArray"-Array from the Call function and now I'm just stuck.

I am either looking for the right data type (some kind of object, maybe?) or another way to generate the call I need here.

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Hi again,

I've still not found a nice solution. However, I am going to use the following trick: I will just prepare the function call with the largest number of parameters I might possibly need and then, for each individual call, feed imagemagick with redundant arguments - e.g. set the background color multiple times.

That way, I should manage to use just two calls, one with an even and one with an uneven number of arguments that I can then generate dynamicially. Hopefully, setting the colour will not take too much processing time ...

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