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How To Check Only For Visible Windows?

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Guest robinx99


is there a way to make autoit only check for visible windows?

My Problem is I'm trying to do a script that send some commands to VirtualDub.

I tried to to use a while wend loop, which shoud stop if there is no VirtualDub Window anymore. And in this loop there is activated a Frame Server. This Function of Virtualdub hides the original window and opends a new window named 'Frameserver mode - VirtualDub'. So I can't use my loop

while (WinExists ("VirtualDub"))

Is there a way to check only for Vissible windows or must I use a dirty trick and rename the hidden window at the end of the loop


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the new version of AutoIt3 has WinGetState ( "title" [, "text"] )

Return Value

Success: Returns a value indicating the state of the window. Multiple values are added together so use BitAND() to examine the part you are interested in:

    1 = Window exists

    2 = Window is visible

    4 = Windows is enabled

    8 = Window is active

    16 = Window is minimized

    32 = Windows is maximized

Failure: Returns 0 and sets @error to 1 if the window is not found.

AutoIt3, the MACGYVER Pocket Knife for computers.

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Guest robinx99

not sure if this helps.

When I have 2 Virtualdub Windows. And I want to do the same thing on every window (ends with start of frameserver, so the virtualdub window is hidden)

so a check if a window is hidden is not much of use.

If I have 2 Windows one hidden and one not. Both Windows have the same name. A check if the Window is hidden would return hidden, because of I have two windows that have the same name and the last active one is the one that is hidden.

I think I need something like "Winactivate ("Virtualdub","","NOT_HIDDEN") or if it is possible to get the number of Windows with the same name to activate a window by number.

At the moment I have a working script that renames the hidden window, but I don't think it is the best solution


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Problems like this are one of the reason for the DetectHiddenWindows command in AutoHotkey. If there is no reasonable workaround, perhaps Jon can add a new Set option for whether scripts "see" hidden windows.

I found it strange at first that v2 never detects hidden windows, while v3 always does.

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