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Au3gui Mouseclicks In Listbox

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You can't... unless Larry decides to do some message handling...

:whistle: You should update your member title:

Larry and AutoGUI: Is there nothing they can't do? :lmao:

That is quite a kludge; I like it :angry: Thanks for help again, guys :evil:

One problem: The double-click code does not work if

EnvSet("OBJ1.style", 0x00201000) ;LBS_DISABLENOSCROLL + WS_VSCROLL

But I really want that obj style.... Ideas?

EDIT: EnvSet("OBJ1.style", 0x50A31003) B) I remembered Visual Studio's Spy++ program. What reference do you all use to lookup styles/constants? (Visual Studio 6.0's API Viewer isn't helpful enough to me.)

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I just look them up in the header files. VS 2003 has a "Go To Declaration" menu selection when you right click a word. I type that into the editor, use that link and it takes me to whatever I'm looking for. Most of the related styles are grouped together, so its easy to find.

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