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Can DLLCall/DLLStruct be used for unzipping files?

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Can AutoIt take advantage of Windows XP built-in zip support? I found a VB6 sample (snippet below, full class is attached) but I'm unsure how to rework the code for use with AutoIt. Any ideas?




Public Sub ExtractFile( _
   ByVal Name As String, _
   ByVal DestFolder As String)
Dim oStream As IStream
Dim tStat As STATSTG
Dim abData() As Byte
Dim lFF As Long

   ' Open the stream
   Set oStream = m_oStorage.OpenStream( _
      Name, 0, _
   ' Get the stream info
   oStream.Stat tStat, STATFLAG_DEFAULT
   ' Initialize the array
   ReDim abData(0 To tStat.cbSize * 10000 - 1)
   ' Read the data from the stream
   oStream.Read abData(0), tStat.cbSize * 10000
   ' Close the stream
   Set oStream = Nothing
   ' Save the data to a file
   lFF = FreeFile()
   Open DestFolder & "\" & Name For Binary As lFF
   Put lFF, , abData
   Close lFF
End Sub

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