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I saw this done in VBScript and just had to try to recreate it in AutoIt.

Merlin lives in a different directory than the Office helpers, but should be present on all xp computers. The office helpers are only present if you have Microsoft Office installed. I have Office 2003 so you will have to change the path to match your office installation. Let me know what you think.

Feel free to modify and change whatever you like.

GuiCreate("MSAgent Viewer", 280, 100)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Select Character", 15, 10, 125, 20)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Select Animation", 150, 10, 125, 20)
$combo_name = GuiCtrlCreateCombo("", 10, 35, 125, 20)
GuiCtrlSetData($combo_name, "Merlin|Clippit|Dot|F1|Logo|Mnature|OffCat|Rocky")
$combo_1 = GuiCtrlCreateCombo("", 145, 35, 125, 20)
$btn_submit = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Submit", 80, 65, 125, 20)
While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Case $msg = $combo_name
        $oAgentName = GuiCtrlRead($combo_name)
        If $oAgentName <> "Merlin" Then
            $oAgentPath = @ProgramFilesDir & "\Microsoft Office\Office11\" & _ 
            $oAgentName & ".acs"
            $oAgentPath = @WindowsDir & "\Msagent\Chars\" & $oAgentName & ".acs"
        $oAgent = ObjCreate("Agent.Control.2")
        $oAgent.Connected = "True"
        $oAgent.Characters.Load($oAgentName, $oAgentPath)
        $oChar = $oAgent.Characters($oAgentName)
        For $name in $oChar.AnimationNames
        GuiCtrlSetData($combo_1, $name & "|")
    Case $msg = $btn_submit
        $anim = GuiCtrlRead($combo_1)
        $oStatus = $oChar.Play($anim)
        While $oStatus.Status > 0
    If $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then ExitLoop

This works with AutoIt Beta Version

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try out this line right after the $oChar.show

$oChar.speak('\Chr="Whisper"\Hello\Chr="Normal"\ \pau=2000\I am ' & $oAgentName)



Edit: or the loop after the animate

Edited by gafrost

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