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I'm guessing this is simple

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Hey folks, bit of a noobie, hoping somebody can help me out. I'm trying to write a pretty simple script that will just open all my basic poker stuff for me with one button (starts hem and autoimport, ps, and ultimate bet) So it's nothing but simple Run scripts based on what I've got selected in the gui. It works fine for everything but Ultimate Bet for some reason. When I try

Run("C:\Poker Application\UB\mainclient.exe")
it opens the window with the ub logo, and Absolute poker (instead of ub as it should) in the title window. An error pops up saying "liveupdate file not found. Reinstall please".

Everything works fine if I run it from a cmdline or shortcuts and what not, only happens when I try to run it from autoit. I thought maybe it was an issue with win7 x64 so I tried building it as an x86 and running as admin in xpcompatible mode to no avail. I'm guessing there's something silly I'm missing but I have no clue what it is. Any help would be appreciated.

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