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Yet another RunAs question

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I've seen all sorts of RunAs posts within the forums; however, I cannot find one that resolves my issue.

Anyway... Have a small app that needs to be run on some computers. Problem is that it needs a particular domain user name, in order to run it.

Don't ask why the guy that created the thing made it to run with that ID..

Now, I should be able run the app (located on a net share) using an AutoIT script and RunAs...

WinWaitActive("Run blahblah", "&Yes")

Using the above works, when I am logged in as that user...

If I log on as myself and run it, I get a 'you have to be using this app...as said ID'.

WinWaitActive("Run blahblah", "&Yes")

Now, logged on as myself, the app simply doesn't even start (task manager shows the compiled exe as still running - task bar shows it as paused)

If I change the RunAs line to be a UNC path (\\NETSHARE\Location\App.exe) - The app seems to start it's loading and then the window just disappears and task manager no longer shows the compiled exe as running anymore.

Any ideas?


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