So, what's this? It's a tool-script you would use when you want to know details about specific type libraries. There are some tools available on the net for the job. None written in AutoIt (take this conditionally and search for posts made by doudou). That made me wonder how hard it would be to write one from the scratch. Turned to be very demanding. TypeLib format is not officially or publicly available, at least not to my knowledge. Doing the research I found what's called The Unofficial TypeLib Data Format Specification. Sort of a must read when it comes to understanding the organization of typelib format. Script I'm posting here is written solely upon that document. I must also say that I had to do few modifications of some fields because of found inconsistencies in order to get correct readings. Also I'm doing few deliberate shortcuts mostly because of incomplete description within theircorp's document. What's covered is MSFT type of TypeLib. This obviously means there are more types. Actually one more, called SLTG TypeLib, but this one is very rare (probably less than 1/100 of all TypeLibs). GUI will certainly look familiar if you have run some of the scripts I posted recently. This time it's a wrapper for edit control. Main function is called _TLB_TypelibMSFT(). Everything else inside script serves it. What to learn from it? DllStruct manipulation maybe. But who wants that? Script: TLBViewer.au3 Try AutoItX3.dll or wscript.exe or winhttp.dll or shell32.dll or thousand more to see what this really is. Object(s) some more.