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Permanent block. Locked thread here. Received the following PM:

dude why did u lock my thred it had nothing to do with diablo. lol i guess u didnt read anything i said i didnt even say it once. that was not a bot you newb thats a gui starter it opens the game thats it. LOL i know you of all people would know the difference of a gui interface to a full program that plays a game for you i had like 40 lines of code and u think thats playing diablo for me.LOL you dumb newb fuck that knows nothing about anything excpt this little newb site that knows nothing about helping people

My response to that is as follows: Automating (showing/hiding) the window for Diablo II is considered automation. Further, as far as I know there's no way to change difficulty levels aside from choosing the appropriate difficulty when creating/joining a game so the controls in place for changing difficulty are the pre-cursor to either click automation or an interface to another bot. Speaking of another bot, it took me exactly 10 seconds to type in "Diablo II abot.exe" into Google and see that it really is an existing bot.

So in short, you disregard the Battle.net terms of use, you disregard our forum policy and you attempt to outright lie to me about your intentions. Fail.

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