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Searching for a postprocessor to resolve GUI calculations

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I'm looking for a postprocessor to resolve calculations in GUI functions. E.g. something like this

GUICtrlCreateLabel("Test", 10 + 5, 100 + 3, 120 + 4 - 3, 20 - 3)

is resolved to this

GUICtrlCreateLabel("Test", 15, 103, 121, 17)

I've the bad habit of adjusting control positions this way :blink:, and it would be nice to have a script to clean up this mess afterwards.

I've already searched the forum, the closesd thing was imho AutoIt Syntax Highlight by MrCreatoR. Guess a mix of StringRegExpReplace() and Execute() is the way to go... but before I try to reinvent the wheel... maybe anyone solved this already ;)?

Best Regards

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