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OK, I'm new to this but when I run the script I want it to open nothing in the tray...I don't want it to tell me anything just run in the background, reason being it keeps killing the application that is open in fullscreen when it opens to the tray...

Any ideas on what I need to do that make that happen?


Thanks in advance...

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You can hide the tray icon, or you can open AutoIt before your application and use hotkeys to start and stop it.

Example, if I open AutoIt after I have fantasy star online, it kills the application, so you can start up AutoIt with a hotkey to activate it once you want it to start.

Do to :whistle: , AutoIt will always pop an icon up for .5 seconds in the tray when you first activate it.

The sourcecode is available, so you can remove the icon if you really want to.

Example for ya:

AutoItSetOption("TrayIconHide", 1);1 = Hide Icon
HotKeySet ("{pause}","start")
While $x=1; this will loop until you hit the pause key.

; place your macro here

Func start()
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