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Windows Explorer Current Path in Windows 7/Vista

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I've been looking for a clean way to get the current path of a explorer window in Windows 7/Vista and have yet to come across anything.

What I have found is a stellar solution for Windows XP: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=89833

Has anyone succeeded in getting this (above) script to work in Windows Vista or 7? I don't understand why it wouldn't work in 7 -- the class for an explorer window is still CabinetWClass.

Any suggestions that might help get this working? Or any other solutions that might solve this problem?--I could always use @OSVersion and fork for XP and Vista/7.



After thinking about this some more, I have something that will work. *Note: I haven't tested on Vista yet, only 7.

;;;This is the code that would go in your code, does the string analysis to get the path
for $i = 1 to $var[0][0]
    If @OSVersion = "WIN_7" Then
        $string = _GetWindowsExplorerPath($var[$i][1])
        $string = StringReplace($string, "Address: ", "")
        $string = StringSplit($string, @CRLF)
        MsgBox(0,"", $string[1])
    ElseIf @OSVersion = "WIN_VISTA" Then
        $string = _GetWindowsExplorerPath($var[$i][1])
        $string = StringReplace($string, "Address: ", "")
        $string = StringSplit($string, @CRLF)
        MsgBox(0,"", $string[1])
        MsgBox (0, "", _GetWindowsExplorerPath($var[$i][1]))

;;This gets added to the function
;;It goes below this line:
;;If ($className[2] <> "ExploreWClass" And $className[2] <> "CabinetWClass") Then Return SetError(1, 0, "")

If @OSVersion = "WIN_7" Then Return WinGetText($hWnd,"")
If @OSVersion = "WIN_Vista" Then Return WinGetText($hWnd,"")

Hopefully there's a less messy solution out there, but for now this seems like it could work.

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