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Control automation on a server which has no session attached

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Hi, I am running a script on a server (win server 2003 64bit) which has no active session attached, meaning I'm logged in, but not attached to the server via rdp.

I am using the following loop to ensure a button gets clicked when a certain app opens, but it's hit and miss. Sometimes it will click as soon as I attach to the server, even if it's been sitting for hours on end in that loop. The second it has my session attached, it clicks the button. A lot of the time it does work as expected, but it's an app that requires consistency, so needs to work 99.99% of the time.

While ControlCommand($winID, "", $RunBtnID, "IsEnabled", "") == 1
    ControlClick($winID, "", $RunBtnID)

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You could leave the server always logged in (assuming it's in a secure room) and use VNC? Or try Run/scheduling logon.exe or combo with psexec remotely.

Also, experiment with `mstsc /console` or `mstsc /admin` from command line to access session 0. Exact switch depends on version of rdp.

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