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Run command on file execution

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Hi everybody,

Would it be possible with AutoIT to set up a global "monitor" and execute a command when opening a random file ?



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set up a loop, and monitor the processlist. when a new process is added, give it a random chance to do something.

maybe something like this?

while 1
$list2 = ProcessList()
if $list1[0][0]=$list2[0][0] then
     if int(random(1,6)=4 then dosomething()


this will also randomly execute when a proccess stops. It is easy to change, just didn't want to do all the work for ya....

side note, this is when they open a random exe, if they just open an additional file in a program already open it wouldn't work.

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Hi scriptkiddy!

Thanks for your reply :(

Thought of that solution aswell but with that setup, the process would already be running.. and I don't want that :

I think it has to be something like with the IE example (don't have it here... :();

when downloading, you can monitor the progress of the download (via the IE object).



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You could enumerate file handles linking to the certain file, and when the filehandle exists in Windows, have it run the function. I don't think AutoIt has it built in natively, however, there's probably a DLL for it already (Microsoft might have one built in :()

SysInternals has a GUI version to track applications and what files they access FileMon. There might be a CMDLine backend, but it atleast gives you an idea, I hope...

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