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Grab text from Craigslist

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Hello All,

Some time ago I wrote (actually grabbed 98% from this forum) a handy routine for myself which would grab Craigslist entries by keyword and save them. Apparently, Craigslist changed the way they wrote the html. I used to be able to grab the description, cost and location of the item just by saving .innertext.

Today's html looks like:

<p class="row">

<span class="ih">&nbsp;</span>

<a href="http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/gms/1880796637.html">Everything Imaginable</a> -

$5<font size="-1"> (Henderson/Green Valley Ranch Casino Area)</font>

<span class="p"> pic</span>

<br class="c">


By saving .innertext, I only get "Everything Imaginable".

I also want to save the price "$5", the location "(Henderson/Green Valley Ranch Casino Area)" and

the PictureIndicator "pic".

How do I refer to and grab these three fields?

Thanks for your help,


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