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Why did I use my email address for the topic title?

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Hi all,

Please assist me in this problem, i am very new with AutoIT but alreasy loving it.

I have some buffalo external Harddisk wich can be access if the security code is entered.

When you plug in de HD windows is creating a CD-Drive with contains the program file to enter the password.

After entering correct password windows is creating a new DRIVE.

We using it for the backup so i have 5 of this disks and with another program the drive letters are always the same ni mather wich disk i connect.

Now i have created a script to automate the task to enter the password.

Script runs OK when i logged in, but when the system is locked(i don't use the logoff function) the script isn't running OK.

The password.exe application on external disk is startup but the COntrolSend Keys are not send.

When i logged in again i see that the Password.exe is still on the taskbar, when i open this the passwordkey is filled in by the script and script is ready and closing.

Here my script.

Run ("e:\password.exe")

WinWaitActive("SecureHD Login")

If WinExists("SecureHD Login") Then

ControlSend("SecureHD Login","","[CLASS:Edit]","******")


ControlSend("SecureHD Login","","[CLASS:Edit]","{ENTER}")


WinWaitActive("SecureHD Login")


Please help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance

Br Mickel

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WinWaitActive() will always return false. While the console is locked, no window can be active. You can still detect them with WinExists() and ControlSend() should still work, but don't use WinWaitActive().


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