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I know some of you may have no Idea what im talking about.

But I was wondering if anyone had created a way to compiel autoit scripts to windows CE.

Before anyone goes off the deep end.

I know it is possible, and it is possible by LESSER MEN.


AutoHotKey as many of you knwo is a rip off language of AutoIt V2(the compiler even says autoit)

AutoHotKey developers have made a compiler that allows fairly good functionality on windows CE

So my question is, does this exist for AutoIt or what?


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Nope. The devs just won't port it to any other OS.

Also, Windows CE is too limited and has no place in the world of automation.

Darn =[

And I just thought it would be cool to be able to make windows mobile apps.

I guess im stuck with AHK for that.

Thanks for speedy response.


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Windows CE already has a very nice little automation scripting language, called Mortscript. For anyone still stuck using an outdated OS like Windows CE, then Mortscript is the only option worth considering for automation and administration tasks. It's quite a capable little language and is similar to autoit in many respects.

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