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[Solved] dllcalls & standby/hibernate problems

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I am working with the example script here


However, I noticed that if you make more than one call to the SetWakeUpTime function, it gets kind of screwy.

The first call will correctly setup the wake time. And then the script will proceed to go to hibernate/standby. However, the second time you use the function it no longer sets the wake time correctly, even if you are explicitly writing "@min+5" The wake time is reduced it seems to one minute regardless. Does anyone know why this is? Is there some sort of residual time value that is being held? I doesn't seem like based on his script.

;other script code......

local $mode = false
local $force=false
SetSuspend($mode, $force); go to standby mode

;script code in between... 

SetSuspend($mode, $force); go to standby mode
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