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Windows tiltle name grap and click

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I am trying to automate a program opening via a .bat file then run my exe from Autoit.So far i got this made. The .bat launches the program then the program makes you click ok (or hit enter) then a window appears that i have to click the lower right hand. So i am trying to make the autoit script when it detects the window and only when, hits enter then resizes the next window to whatever x whatever and clicks lower right hand, but the closest i get is below. This is because the window that appears when the program is ran to click "ok" displays no name. Is there a way to put such a window in a script then hit enter then resize to about any size to click specific area?

; ToolTip displaying function keys
Tooltip("F10 = Exit", 0, 0)

; List of command keys
If Not WinActive("1 - Notepad", "") Then WinActivate("1 - Notepad", "")
$okwindow=WinGetPos("");Replace "1- Notepad" with windows name
   HotKeySet("{F10}", "exitNow")
Sleep (4000) ;every thousand equals 1 second
Send ("{enter}")
      $coord = PixelSearch($okwindow[0], $okwindow[1], $okwindow[0]+$okwindow[3], $okwindow[1]+$okwindow[4], 0x9C885C)
      ; If PixelSearch finds the pixel color at given coordinates, Then:
      If Not @error Then

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Examine the window with AUInfo.exe, the AutoIt Window Information Tool. You can use things like the CLASS and the text in the window to identify it. See Window Title and Text (Advanced) in the help file.


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