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I heard a rumor about sending mouse clicks with the SEND function

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I heard a rumor that someone found a way to send mouse clicks using the SEND function.

I have a function in one of my scripts where it says something like

$this = "f"

So that the user can easily change the hotkey being sent based on their setup. The problem is that some users have the function as a mouseclick and, from what I know, you can't use the Send function to send mouse clicks. Instead you must use the MouseClick function.

But today I heard a rumor that someone modified my script and got the Send function sending mouse clicks so that you could do something like

$this = f_mouseclick_left

or whatever (the guy telling me this didn't really remember how the OTHER guy who figured it out did it)

I tried to google search this but I didn't find any information about it. Either the rumor is false or there is an advanced send command that allows sending mouseclicks...

Confirm or deny?

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