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if then color help

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ok here wut i need

ok i need the pixel at cords 148, 749 to click at the same cords 15 seconts after it sees the color 0xffcb39 (yellow)

but i need it to wate till the color is there

i semi understand the



commands i thing

it is kinda confuzing really if some 1 can point my to a tutthat would explan this it woul be grate

this is a part of a larger script but if i can figer this out i can wright the rest

then i will post the final cut and take any advice to clean it up

thx in advance

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this is kinda wut i want but im not sure what to plug in where and i just want clicks not message boxes

i want it to =

if color = 0xffcb39 @ 148, 749 wate 15 seconts and click @ same cords

if not wate till color = 0xffcb39 then click cords 148, 749 after 15 seconts

$var= 148, 749 = 0xffcb39

If $var > 0 Then
    MsgBox(4096,"", "Value is positive.")
ElseIf $var < 0 Then
    MsgBox(4096,"", "Value is negative.")
    If StringIsXDigit ($var) Then
        MsgBox(4096,"", "Value might be hexadecimal!")
        MsgBox(4096,"", "Value is either a string or is zero.")

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