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help me about get size from website

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i have some problem with get size website


$i = 1

$loop = 1

$filenamecreate = "abcd_" & $i & ".mdb"

$url = "http://www.website.com/files/files.mdb";example

$getfile = InetGet($url,$filenamecreate)


$sizefile = FileGetSize(@ScriptDir & "\" & "files_" & $i & ".mdb")

$sizeurl = InetGetSize($url)

if $sizefile > $sizeurl or $sizefile < $sizeurl Then

$i = $i + 1

$filenamecreate2 = InetGet($url,"files_" & $i & ".mdb")


Until $loop > 2

but my link so long $url = "http://www.website.com/files/files.mdb" , internet explorer cannot run for inetgetsize and inetgetsize cannot get with https with my link , plz help me

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