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Latitude/Longitude getting complicated

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Alright, here is the set up:

- A file called messages.txt (see attached) sets on the C drive (at C:\messages.txt).

- When the GPS satellite receives updated locations for employees (or unit locators) it populates this file (messages.txt).

- The most recent locations are placed at the bottom of the messages.txt file.

I've gotten the UNIT LOCATOR program to work wonderfully; currently what the program does is:

- Opens messages.txt and searches for the unit entered starting from the bottom and working its way up (this way it finds the most recent update).

- Displays the time of update and the units latitude and longitude with the option of mapping the given unit.

- If you press to map the unit it will pin point the unit using google maps.

If you have any questions check out the attached documents, play with them and see how they work.

Now here comes the challenge!

I have attached an .html file called MMap.html (check it out!). As you right click you can make those blue pins appear right? You can also type in latitude and longitude and make a pin drop. Here is my question/challenge:

Just as MMap.html can allow multiple pindrops I would like to have pindrops on the map for each of my units (or employees). This way I know where they are at all times. I would like the autoit program to check the messages.txt file for updates (that are put in there from the GPS satellite server) by opening it every (whenever). Then, once an update has been added to the list I want to replace (or update) each unit on the map by erasing the old and placing new ones on there.

This way I can have live data for each unit. I also am at a loss as to how I can label each pin the name of the unit. So instead of just a bunch of blue pins everywhere the pin has a floating title with their unit number above it.

I hope this makes sense. I have attached the documents I've been working on and I would love to hear your feedback on this. It would be such a wonderful thing if I could get this working properly so I can track my units.

UNIT LOCATOR -default web browser-.au3



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