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While 1: what does it mean?

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It's the same thing !

While 1 == While 1=1

While <expression>

If the expression is true the following statements up to the WEnd statement are executed. This loop continues until the expression is false.

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1 == 1 evaluates to true.

1 evaluates to true.

Since both are true, both work. Similarly, you could use any other guaranteed true value like 2 == 2 or "Hello" == "Hello"

Using the single value increases the speed of the script just a bit by not having to parse the extra value and operator.

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First, Welcome to the AutoIt Forums ;)

While is looking for a 'True' Statement, and will loop eternally until the statement is no longer True. You can use any statement for While to check, as long as it can give a True or False Return.

While PixelChecksum($x,$y,$w,$h)=0 ;will continue looping until the the pixel region is no longer black
While StringInStr($text,"Running") ;will continue looping until the the $text no longer contains 'Running' in it
While $var1=$var2 ;will continue to loop until one of those variables differ from the other

So Using the statement '1' as in (While 1) is telling the loop it is always True, and to eternally loop. to exit an always true loop you will need to call 'ExitLoop'


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Almost eternally grateful.

And forgive the double-post. I thought I checked, this is a heavily-modified forum interface than what i am used to seeing (phpBB3).

;) or :) your preference.

don't think i'm a freeloader. your help has been effective! here's the script contributed - thank you creator and thank you members and thank you authors of autoit!Call Conference Dial-in Script updated from time to time.

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