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_INetSmtpMailCom - odd problem, box specific SBS?

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Hello All,

Been using AutoIT for quite a while and generally I can either work most things out myself (or find an answer somewhere here) - this one has me stumped.

I have an application (the details of which are unimportant) that requires to send one or more emails to an authenticated smpt server (i.e. it needs to log in with user/password).

In order to do this I use _INETSmtpMailCom that calls CDO - very neat and also well...almost....

The application works perfectly on mulitple boxes/sites except on one box/site (not sure which of those two it is but I suspect box....).

I have instrumented the UDF and it fails at the send message point (instantiating the object, loading the variables etc is ok its the actuial send that fails) and the only thing you can log is the hex code 8002801D - googling says this is pretty much an unregistered dll (assuming you can trustthe returned code...)

CDO has been (re?) installed on machine with no change.

The box is an SBS server but the smtp server is on a remote (web based) box.

You can telnet to the remote box fine (port 25) so it doesnt look like its firewall related.

I know its not strictly an 'AutoIT' issue but wondered if (a) anyone had any ideas and (;) if anyone had seen it before?

Mnay thanks for taking the time to read the above, aware it's a bit like "War and Peace".



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I have the same issue on an SBS 2008 box.

Just started researching the problem, so I don't have any suggestions as yet.

The script that I am using has worked fine on W2K3, W2K and WXP for sometime, your scenario pretty well matches mine.


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