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Confused about CUI

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I admit it. I'm stumped. I've read everything I can find in the documentation, the FAQ, and the forums, and I still can't figure it out.

Given the following simple script:


ConsoleWrite("Test" & @CRLF)

... if I choose Tools->Compile in SciTE Lite, open a cmd.exe command window, navigate the to the directory where the exe is, then run the exe, shouldn't I see Test output in the command window? Because I'm not, and it's driving me mad.

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Thank you. That was obviously the problem.

I am curious, though, why is the full editor not included in the AutoIT Full Installation?

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Its not really about SciTE.exe itself which is "more or less" the same but it is all the other utilities that come with SciTE4AutoIt3 that makes it useful.

There are a couple of reasons for having separate installers. Jon maintains the AutoIt3 installer and I maintain the SciTE4AutoIt3 installer and many of its utilities and since the release schedule is totally different, there is not much use of creating one big installer and hog the available bandwidth.


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